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[Review] Bloody Gun3 V7 Mouse


[Review] Bloody Gun3 V7 Mouse


If you’re into PC gaming, you probably have put some thought into your choice of a mouse. For some, the mouse used can be the difference between a perfect headshot and a complete miss. Choosing the right mouse can also be a pretty personal affair — after all it’s going to be the link between you and the experience you have. I’ve been spending some time with the Bloody Gun3 V7 gaming mouse, and it has a ridiculous amount of bells and whistles. Fortunately, these are useful bells and whistles.

The Gun3 V7 is a unique beast. The box boasts that this mouse offers 6 times the shooting speed over a normal mouse. It also notes that the optic lens construction offers a “54 times higher image contrast and filters out unwanted light.” The mouse does seem to have sturdy construction, but I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed the 6x speed. Those features are great and all, but the big seller here is the Core3 system. Most mice have one core in them, this mouse has three. What that means is once the software is installed, there are three distinct modes that you can switch between to make the mouse work differently.

In core 1, the mouse acts like a basic, run of the mill mouse. This is more of a productivity setting; basically to be used in non-fps games and general computer use. Considering this mouse was clearly designed with gaming in mind, this core seems kind of pointless but it’s a nice option. With core 2 activated, you get some special settings that can be switched between on the fly.

In addition to your left and right mouse buttons and a scroll wheel, you have two additional buttons on the thumb side and three small buttons running from the scroll wheel towards the middle of the mouse. These are the buttons you press when in Core 2 to change how your mouse behaves. The light on the scroll wheel changes color to signify which mode you are in. Selecting the “1” on the mouse doesn’t change anything, it’s just the standard mouse. Selecting the “N” changes the function of the left click to two burst fire shots. Selecting the “3” activates 3 shot burst mode.

This might seem a little over the top, but it’s actually a really nice feature and definitely gives you an edge. When you’re in a burst fire mode, it seems to be much more accurate than if you were to click the mouse three times in succession. For comparison, here is a screenshot of the bullet spread when I just spammed my mouse button on the default setting:

Not horrid but...

Not horrid but…

Now here is my spread with Core 2 burst fire activated:

I am a champion!

I am a champion!

I was actually surprised; there is a pretty significant difference here. With how the mouse is designed, it’s really easy to switch between the appropriate setting for the job on the fly. I found it incredibly handy when playing games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; it made my pistol shots much more accurate and made me more effective. These burst fire shots are less useful when using automatic rifles though, so it’s only so handy.

Core 3 mode is… for the truly hardcore gamer. You retain the same features from Core 2, but you are allowed to go in and tweak parameters on the fly to your liking. You can tweak gun settings like trajectory and recoil in real-time, as well as manage profiles for different games and editing macros. The amount of features they packed into this mouse will make your head spin! Still it’s really awesome that you can go in and edit things like this. It makes it kind of feel like a cheating device, but honestly this mouse isn’t a replacement for skill. If you can’t aim worth a damn, this isn’t going to fix your problems. In addition, Core3 does not come activated on the mouse. You have to pay an additional $20 through Bloody’s website to get a code that unlocks this feature. That brings the price up to $59.99, which is pretty steep.

Aforementioned bells and whistles.

Aforementioned bells and whistles.

Honestly my favorite part about this mouse is the design. Even if the V7 didn’t have all of the bells and whistles, I would still enjoy using this mouse because it’s catered to my big dumb hands. With my Razer Deathadder, I don’t really have any place to put my pinky, and sometimes I run into it or my thumb, it and gets stopped. The V7 has a little ledge that acts as a thumb rest, and it also has a rest for the ring finger and a groove on the right side for the pinky to sit in. Even though my hand is still a little big, everything just falls into place naturally and it makes for a very comfortable experience.

The only real issue I’ve had with this mouse is that for a while, it did this thing where it got “hung” for a second and was not a smooth motion. I don’t really know how to describe it otherwise, but it was incredible obnoxious. I tried re-installing the software but I couldn’t figure out why it was doing it. However the problem has seemed to fix itself and it works fine now. The Bloody handprint on the mouse pulses red, so my theory is that the mouse is actually alive and can fix itself.

Overall, the Bloody Gun3 V7 multi-core gaming mouse is pretty rad. It’s really comfortable to use and has a ton of customization. If you’re hardcore into competitive shooters, I would say put this mouse on your list of possibilities. It’s not a huge name brand like Razer or Logitech, but at $39.99 it gives you some unique features and you have the option to pay for super customization.

Final Breakdown

[+Comfortable Design] [+Awesome Burst Fire Modes] [+Ridiculous Amounts of Customization] [-Core3 Mode is $20 Extra] [-Random Weird Tracking Issues]


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