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[PAX] Preview: Watch_Dogs


[PAX] Preview: Watch_Dogs


Watch_Dogs is the latest effort from Ubisoft in which you take control of Aiden Pearce, a man whose goal is to protect his family by any means necessary. In Watch_Dogs exists the CtOS (Central Operating System) which controls everything in the city; water, power, and basically anything linked to technology. Aiden is a master hacker, but how did he get this power?

The showcase we were shown focused on the inherent meaning behind all of the hacking, and other tricks that the CtOS held. We knew Aiden could control literally anything the city needed, causing accidents and accelerating trains without a thought, but why? Aiden’s family, possibly his wife and child, are constantly in trouble, but with Aiden’s control of the CtOS, he has protected them thus far and kept their danger from them. The reason there is so much trouble instilled in Aiden is a mystery, but it’s clear that whatever trouble he is in is pretty deep.


All of the actions Aiden commits are subject to consequence, and the law enforcement is aware of him. Aiden is able to hack an ATM by somehow learning the credentials of a person’s account, and going right to a nearby ATM and taking their money. Through the CtOS, law enforcement is able to track any camera, and any use of the CtOS powers that Aiden holds, therefore making Aiden a known fugitive for actions such as this. He uses these powers to his advantage, as he is able to defend himself from pursuers by jumping on trains and causing accidents.

The entirety of the main gameplay showcase was through the eyes of CtOS. What was shown was basically what we’ve all seen from E3, just through the eyes of security cameras and news reports. Aiden was caught stealing from an ATM, pursued upon, caused an accident, and jumped on top of a train to escape. It was interesting to see the new viewpoint that we might be able to see through all of our own technology, but it was a bit disappointing that nothing completely new was shown. It was intriguing to see the contextual reasons behind all of the hacking. That said, it still looks to be an incredible game.

It’s interesting to see how all of these hacking mechanics can be used, and from the sound of it, Ubisoft wants us to control the CtOS from Watch_Dogs from anywhere. What that means is a mystery as of writing this, but if we are able to hack into cameras and watch others play Watch_Dogs while on our smart phones, it may be a revolutionary idea, and a new take on “Big brother is watching you.” You can look forward to playing Watch_Dogs Holiday 2013 on PC and every major console.

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