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[PAX] Preview: Saints Row IV – Obama with a Dubstep Gun


[PAX] Preview: Saints Row IV – Obama with a Dubstep Gun


Saints Row is built on crazy, over the top, high octane goodness. With Saints Row: The Third the over-the-top aspect of this sandbox game was brought to full throttle, and one of the worries I personally had was wondering how they would outdo themselves. Well, let’s just say they figured it out with Saints Row IV.

So of course you’re the leader of the Saints, but after his death, you are now taking over as President of the United States of America. I think if we saw Obama nut punching an old lady, we would be surprised, but this is Saints Row, so this is not out of the ordinary… to say the least. They take pride in the guns they’re able to come up with, and boy do their creative juices never stop. First, they showed off a gun in which the body parts of pedestrians and enemies are blown up. Not in an explosion sense, but in the sense of balloons. The demo showed a pedestrian’s head becoming the size of a car with their eyes popping out, looking hilariously goofy. Once their expansion threshold is met, they do in fact explode into bits. Also shown was a dubstep gun. Yes, a dubstep gun that literally shoots dubstep. If you think that sounds awesome, I can assure you it so is. As the waves pulsate from the gun, a dirty drop blasts the ears of everyone in Stillwater, causing them to uncontrollably twerk like they’ve never twerked before. I was in tears laughing as they were showing this off, and I can’t wait to try it for myself.

I thought that the weapons would be the showcase of craziness, because with those two hilarious weapons, they already outdid themselves, but that wasn’t enough. You, the President, also have super powers. Super speed lets you zoom through streets, smashing cars out of the way, and going faster than any vehicle would let you. You can jump to the top of buildings, punch pedestrians into space, and fly like superman. You can also shoot ice blasts from your hands, making you an overall unstoppable badass. They also confirmed your homies will have super abilities as well. Think Crackdown, but on crack.


You’ll be using all of these ridiculous weapons in your arsenal and your newly acquired super powers to defend the country from domination by aliens. Sitting above Stillwater is a giant spaceship that houses the new enemies, and they will consistently be attacking you along with law enforcement. Details were a bit nil in accordance with the aliens, but we will learn more soon. Your complete arsenal used to stop these aliens, including your super powers, will all be upgradable, with the ability to turn a rocket launcher into a guitar case shooting rockets, and more shenanigans as such. Super powers will be powered up through collectibles, akin to the Agility Orbs from Crackdown.

It’s worth noting that co-op will be returning in full force, and the return of Johnny Gat was not disclosed, but was not denied. They know the fans love him.

In changing publishers from THQ to Deep Silver, everyone was a bit weary of Volition not being able to deliver the full Saints Row experience with this sequel upon its announcement, but Volition assured us that Deep Silver has been nothing but supportive, keeping the creative control 100% in the hands of Volition. With this power, it looks like they will be delivering one hell of an experience that we can play on August 20th, 2013.

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