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PAX East 2013 Round-Up


PAX East 2013 Round-Up


Hey there dudes and dudettes! We’re all finally back home and have all our glorious PAX coverage done. If you were at PAX and you came and said hi, give yourself a nice round of applause because you’re awesome. If you didn’t, you’ll have your chance at PAX Prime this summer and I suggest you take it. If you weren’t lucky enough to attend this year’s PAX East, worry not friend. We have all the coverage you could ever want or need, AND to make it easier for you to get to it, I put all the links in this handy dandy post. Keep on keepin’ on after the jump for Twinfinite’s full coverage from PAX East 2013.


Hands-On Preview: Divekick – Dumb But Delicious

Hands-On Preview: Daylight – Random Horror Picture Show

Hands-On Preview: Super T.I.M.E. Force – Anachronistic Acronyms!

Hands-On (The Air) Preview: Dropchord

Hands-On Preview: Guncraft – Build It Up, Shoot It Down

Hands-On Preview: Remember Me – Trying to Forget

Hands-On Preview: MechKnight Chronicles – Quite the Treasure

Hands-on Preview: Contrast – Shady Business

Preview: Saints Row IV – Obama with a Dubstep Gun

Hands-On Preview: Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby

Hands-On Preview: The Last of Us

Hands-On Preview: Beatbuddy

Preview: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Hands-On Preview: The Elder Scrolls Online – Don’t Roll Your Eyes, Mister!

Hands-On Preview: Transistor – Yay Talking Swords!

Preview: Watch_Dogs



The Last of Us Interview with Eric Monacelli

MechKnight Chronicles Interview with Jesse Sosa

Transistor Interview with Greg Kasavin


[Twinfinite Originals]

The Verdict: PAX from the Eyes of the Attendees

Ian Bretchford’s Adventure on the PAX Show Floor

Positive Gamers Episode 3: PAX East Edition

Twinfinite’s PAX East 2013 Impressions

Skills No One Told Me I Needed to Cover a Convention

PAX East Pictures And Showfloor Walkthrough!


[TSFT Live!]

Episode #61: PAX East 2013 Special!

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