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[PAX] Hands-On Preview: Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby


[PAX] Hands-On Preview: Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby


Some developers try to pull you in with realistic graphics, compelling storylines, or enthralling music. Dejobaan Games went in a completely different route. Before you ask, yes that is the actual name and yes I’m serious. Keep reading for details on 1, 2, 3…Kick It! Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby, AKA: The best named game ever.

The tracks in each level are built after the game analyzes and processes MP3s from your music library. The playable demo had 3 different tracks to choose from. Lighter music like classical and jazz result in easier track with wide open gaps that you can easily fit through. Heavy music like dubstep or death metal result in more difficult courses with minute gaps that are the closest any of us will get to piloting the Millennium Falcon through the Death Star trench run. After the track is built, you take a first-person vantage point and fly along the different colored obstacles the game has designed for you. The closer you fly to those obstacles, the higher your score and multipliers get. If you get close to an obstacle for a second, it is counted as a “Buzz” and flying near one for longer is counted as a “Groove”. Crashing into blocks doesn’t carry any penalty other than resetting the multipliers and leeching the color from the obstacles.


This game is played with just a mouse and the mouse buttons rotate the camera and allow you to whiz by corners and around blocks. The best part about this game is how little you have to think about playing. Each track is only as long as the song and you can easily find yourself zoning out while just enjoying the music and zipping through gaps and around obstacles. The dev team has already implemented most, if not all, of the suggestions they’ve received from the community on their message boards and that kind of dev/player interaction only bodes well for the game. Keep an eye out for Ugly Baby which has been on Steam Early Access since it started up a week ago and should release sometime time this year.


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