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[News] XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announced For iOS


[News] XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announced For iOS

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At the tail end of 2012, the game EVERYBODY at Twinfinite HQ was playing was XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Hell, my man Muaz Zekeria kept a log of his playthrough with all of us as his team. While it was released on PS3, 360, and (its proper place…let’s be honest) PC, it didn’t get any love in the handheld realm. Well, hang on to your ray guns because this game is coming out on iOS!

At this point Firaxis hasn’t released any information about release date, price, or much beyond stating that it’s a thing they are working on and that it is working on iOS at this time. Still, any opportunity to play God with my illustrious colleagues is cause for celebration.

Thanks for our friends at Gamespot for the source.

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