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[News] Transistor Announced and Trailer’d — From the Makers of Bastion


[News] Transistor Announced and Trailer’d — From the Makers of Bastion

Supergiant Games has announced that they have been boiling up another pretty little game by the name of Transistor. Above you can watch the trailer, complete with a singer belting over all the pewpewpewing. As opposed to Bastion, this will be a “science-fiction-themed action RPG.” The whole team that created Bastion has been working on this, in addition to a few new members of the team, and judging from the trailer, you can most likely expect a similar experience. The same 2.5D style and rich storytelling will be present, although the art style is much more futuristic and art deco this time around. The team estimates the game to release in 2014 and have not confirmed what platforms it will be available on, but for now you can visit their site as they’ll be consistently posting updates throughout the rest of the development process. Also, an early build of Transistor will be playable at Supergiant’s booth #892 at PAX East. One commenter claimed they had to wipe tears from their eyes when the trailer finished. Feel free to tell us in the comments section below if you were also left in tears or covered in pee or both.

You can visit the official announcement page and the announcement tweet here.

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