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Skullgirls DLC Campaign Gets An Extra Bonus


Skullgirls DLC Campaign Gets An Extra Bonus


Well past my bed time last night Skullgirls finalized their Indiegogo DLC campaign to astounding success. Originally pitched to finish their one DLC character Squigly, the team at Lab Zero now have hit the goals to fund 4 additional DLC characters. So far Robo-Fortune and Big Band have been revealed as characters that will be coming free of charge to the game. This leaves 2 characters left for the community to decide for the game.  The group at Lab Zero has put up a list of all the additional characters and I feel the need to inform you that Roxie and Eliza are the only characters that deserve voting on.


This was a much harder decision last night as the 2nd character didn’t reach their goal to get a back story and stage by falling $25,000 short. As this Neogaf thread however has revealed, Lab Zero has acquired an additional $40,000 when a character development line evaporated. “We’ve got an additional $40,000 to play with now. Naturally we’ll be using this money to give the 2nd fan-selected Mysterious Character a stage and story mode.”

What this means is that they are going to fully flesh out each DLC character and you should be looking not just for simple gameplay, but for characters that fit the Skullgirls universe. Roxie looks fabulous and seems to have a great mix of planning and rush down mechanics. Based on Sabretooth and Jin with a little bit of Sub Zero thrown in, she seems to be a great fit for the game. Plus she looks amazing and I’d just love to see her get an Engineer color scheme for the Steam release.

Eliza looks amazing and could be a great helper character with her Anakaris background. I’m excited to see what these guys can do with her stage. These are the only two characters you need to vote for and if you choose anybody else, I’ll be sad.

The team at Lab Zero put together one heck of a presentation with this DLC campaign and I really hope it has drummed up some more support for this excellent game on Xbox Live and PSN. It was refreshing to see the clarity and its amazing that they decided to give back to the development community by offering up their fighting engine to the My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic guys to make their game. Great news for the fighting bronies out there after Hasbro shut down their request for a license.

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