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[News] Second expansion pack Civ V: Brave New World announced


[News] Second expansion pack Civ V: Brave New World announced

PC Gamer announced today that Civilization V: Brave New World, the second expansion pack for Civilization V, will be releasing this summer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features this expansion will bring to the game, including the drastic changes:

  • The World Congress will allow civilizations to make decisions regarding things such as trade sanctions, resource spending caps, and nuclear weapons.
  • Civilizations can win through Culture Victory by dominating the arts and archaeology.
  • International trade will allow civilizations to send goods to other civilizations and cities.
  • 9 new leaders, 8 new wonders, new technologies
  • Game-changing units such as the Winged Hussar from new civilizations such as Poland

For such big changes and additions to the game, $29.99 sounds like a very fair price. Get it this summer!

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