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[News] Primal Carnage: Genesis On PS4? You Bet Jurassic Is!


[News] Primal Carnage: Genesis On PS4? You Bet Jurassic Is!

Primal Carnage Genesis header

Here around the Twinfinite office, we spend a lot of time talking about video games — really. Specifically, we talk about how we could make games better. Pretty much any discussion on this topic ends with one of two conclusions:

1. Include the ability for players to dynamically affect the relationships they have with the characters and environment.

2. Add dinosaurs.

Well, it looks like at least ONE of those things will be coming to the PS4: Primal Carnage: Genesis has been announced for Sony’s upcoming console.

This game was announced just prior to GDC by our friends over at the Official Playstation Blog. According to Ashton Andersen, lead designer of the Primal Carnage empire, Genesis will have a single-player story mode with an open world to explore, AS WELL AS an episodic structure. It’s certainly a *ahem* far cry from the original’s class-based multiplayer arena that we loved. With so much ambition (not to mention Unreal Engine 4) being poured into Primal Carnage: Genesis, it seems fitting that it’s coming to a Sony platform.

It just wants to do … everything.


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