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[News] Modder Uncovers SimCity Offline Play


[News] Modder Uncovers SimCity Offline Play

A visual representation of the SimCity servers.

A visual representation of the SimCity servers.

If you have played the new SimCity game, you’ll know that in order to play it, you must always be connected to the internet. This can be a pain for many people as the game’s servers have difficulty connecting at all. UKAzzer has seemingly surpassed a multitude of limitations in the SimCity gameplay. The user posted a video demonstrating gameplay beyond the game’s boundaries, such as building highways anywhere, showing the exact population number, and most importantly disabling the disconnect timer allowing offline play forever instead of the game closing after 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the mod does not give you a bottle of aspirin to ease the headache of trying to connect to the servers over and over again.

One big drawback is that the game still cannot save or sync without connecting online, but only for now as this is still a mod in progress. UKAzzer seems to have uncovered what might debunk the necessity for always-on DRM. In an interview with RockPaperShotgun, an anonymous Maxis developer has claimed that the game really could have been made to play offline and that its current always-online method is completely unnecessary. If this is true, there may certainly be treachery afoot. In a perfect world, Maxis will admit they were wrong and create a patch allowing for offline play, but if you don’t feel like relying on them, there’s always the mod that will probably be up and running swell in no time. Your move, Maxis.

You can read the modder’s post on reddit here.

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