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[News] MangaGamer to Implement a New Always On DRM


[News] MangaGamer to Implement a New Always On DRM


Pour one out for another publisher opting to jump in to that funky DRM bandwagon that we all love to loathe. MangaGamer has announced that along with their new website, they will be implementing the Japanese DRM software SoftDenchi. The new software will be installed on your computer and will utilize 720kb~1120kb of memory and will run at all times in the background. In using SoftDenchi, you will have to provide a code for it to recognize your computer. MangaGamer will provide 5 extra activation codes per purchase.

Kouryuu further added that “one of the prime reasons we decided to switch to this DRM is that it’s already recognized by all of the major anti-virus software providers, so the introduction of this new DRM should end all the conflicts we’ve seen people have with the old DRM.”

What the logic is behind this is that Japanese publishers are extremely wary of offering their games without a DRM restriction. SoftDenchi is one of the most used DRM systems in Japan so publishers should feel safer. Good side of the coin is that this could open MangaGamer up to larger publishers. Bad side is that it is just another thing running in your background.

If this irks you and you want to stick with just Steam, then I suggest pushing Go Go Nippon and Higurashi: When They Cry through on Steam Greenlight. That way at least you can keep your games all in one place. Though I don’t think you are going to get a chance to play the more porny games that the company localizes without this. For that, maybe you should just stick with the hard copies they have on offer.

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