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[News] EA apologizes for SimCity server issues with free game


[News] EA apologizes for SimCity server issues with free game


Purchasers of SimCity have not been having a good experience lately- experiencing server issues resulting in queue times, unsaved games, and other technical issues across the board. EA released a statement today apologizing for the server problems, stating “a lot more people logged on than we expected.” Many people would agree with me that this is pretty odd at the very least, considering they would probably have an idea of the amount of preorders for the game. Nevertheless, EA states they are offering a free download of a EA PC game to get on gamers’ good sides. SimCity players who have already activated their game will get an email starting March 18 with instructions on how to get their game.

Even though it was a little dumb of EA not to overestimate the amount of players that will be logging in during the early days of release, it is great to hear that they are doing something about it, as well as offering a little something for compensation.

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