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[News] Battle-Scarred Apollo Justice Confirmed for Ace Attorney 5


[News] Battle-Scarred Apollo Justice Confirmed for Ace Attorney 5


I’m not sure exactly what happened but perhaps the world of Ace Attorney 5 is a much more dangerous one than previously imagined. First, details of a bomb blowing up the courtroom as a plot point for AA5 but now we have an image of a wounded Apollo Justice.

Once the protagonist of the series in Ace Attorney 4, Apollo (Polly) Justice seems to have taken a step back to allow series mainstay Phoenix Wright return to the protagonist spotlight. However, Justice seems to believe that if he can’t be the main character he might as well take on a darker and edgier new look which I have to admit, sort of looks cool (in a dorky sort of way).

Why is he all bandaged up? What’s with the new jacket? What sort of role will he have in the upcoming game? Hopefully more details will come soon and with them a release date for the west.

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