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Another New Game from Suda 51


Another New Game from Suda 51


New concept art shown off by Suda 51 featuring a female swordsman was revealed via Japanese game magazine Famitsu. Drawn by No More Heroes and Liberation Maiden artist and Suda 51 collaborator Yusuku Kozaki, this beautiful image hints at Suda 51’s next project.

A little pre-mature I would imagine with Killer is Dead not even out on shelves anywhere, perhaps this is something too big to keep hidden?

Suda explained to Famitsu that this is the title representing the ‘rebirth’ of Grasshopper Manufacture under new owners GungHo Online Entertainment. It will have a female protagonist, presumably the one shown off, as well as take advantage of GungHo’s extensive online networks.

Speculation is running rampant but I’m still too busy dealing with Suda 51’s next release to be thinking about his future ones. One title at a time Mr. Suda, I can’t handle all this excitement.

Hit the jump for a few more images!

[Source]: Gematsu: First look at Grasshopper Manufacture’s next, next game

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