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[Chipfinite] The Best Video Game Music Playlist on Spotify


[Chipfinite] The Best Video Game Music Playlist on Spotify


Whether classic or modern, chip-tune or orchestral, I love music from video games. If you love video games, but haven’t tried working or browsing the Internet to your favorite video game music, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s like a loophole that allows you to enjoy games while doing something more productive. There is a debate over whether video games are truly art, but the music alone qualifies them- in my opinion, video game pieces encompass some of the most powerful music of our time. It can also help your focus (like classical music), stimulate your creative juices, and instantly put you in a better mood.

However, if you’re like me, your productivity may wane as you begin to compile playlists of the best video game music. Luckily, Spotify makes it easier than ever before to find music and compile playlists without having to buy a bunch of music (or resort to less savory methods). It also lets me share the fruits of my labor with you (if you haven’t downloaded Spotify yet, it’s well worth it). Link to the “best video game music playlist” after the jump!

Twinfinite’s Best Video Game Music Playlist on Spotify

My methodology for creating this playlist is as follows:

  1. Chiptunes tend to be more action-packed and nostalgic. Orchestral compositions tend to be more beautiful, and explore a song’s potential as a standalone show piece. I chose to go with exclusively orchestral compositions for consistency.
  2. I tried to both incorporate the most important pieces on Spotify, while eliminating excessively long compositions (I don’t like really long pieces that dominate playlists, you eventually end up skipping over them entirely).
  3. When in doubt between orchestral compilations of the same music, I erred on the side of 1) short length, 2) familiarity, 3) dense and exciting rather than subdued, and 4) non-live versions (no applause). Examples of where I had multiple versions to choose from are Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and “One-Winged Angel” (Final Fantasy VII ).
  4. Unfortunately, my bias towards music from the Final Fantasy series betrays itself in this playlist. Nobuo Uematsu is a master. I have tried to eliminate any that I felt didn’t truly belong. Even if you dislike the series, I urge you to give this music a chance.

Unfortunately, I was limited to music which existed on Spotify. There is other music that I would have surely included, given the option. There were other cases where the music may have existed on Spotify, but I didn’t feel that the version was strong enough to include. There are just a few on the playlist which I feel could better celebrate the music.

If there are other pieces or games which you feel need to be added to the playlist, or if you’re looking for more information about one of the songs, please list them in the comments! Special thanks to Video Games Live, Nobuo Uematsu, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Play!, the source games and composers, and all others who have contributed music to this playlist. Thank you for taking the time to listen!

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