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[Featurama] Kickstarter Action


[Featurama] Kickstarter Action






I’ve always been a big fan of Kickstarter and what it means to the industry. Kickstarter has the unique ability to allow small studios and development teams to get access to funding through tapping right into their target market. Lately, we’ve seen larger companies using it to stay afloat, which goes a bit against what I think it should be used for. So today, we’ll take a look at some of the more unique and interesting video game projects on Kickstarter.

Crayon Chronicles
Outer Grid Games

crayon chronicles

Crayon Chronicles is a Kickstarter video game that resembles the old paper and pen, or crayon in this case, tabletop RPG games. As of the writing of this article, they are currently at $6,165 and have already successfully been funded with 17 days left. While a price point isn’t revealed on the Kickstarter page, Outer Grid Games is looking to develop it for Xbox 360 and PC right now with a stretch goal of $10,000 for Mac and Linux support.

It’s a nice little style difference over what you typically see in this genre and should offer a nice change of pace to go with its action packed gameplay. With some good features like randomly generated level layouts and its cute art style and story, this is a good candidate to check out and throw some money at, especially with funding levels starting at $2.

I’m always predisposed to Kickstarter projects that have a strong foundation of people in the industry. Crayon Chronicles has exactly that with some people that you probably never heard of before, but have the experience necessary to get this game finished. A majority of the team seems to have worked for Gas Powered Games where they’ve worked on titles like Supreme Commader and DemiGod, which shows that pedigree we’d like to see.


There Came an Echo
Iridium Studios


Will Wheaton! Voice Recognition! Great Soundtrack!

This is the second game coming from Iridium Studios. Though their first game, Sequence, really is not indicative of the type of game they are creating with There Came an Echo. In watching their video and reading about the game, it appears that this is going to be a heavy story-filled XCOM clone but with voice recognition and a little dash of humor. The ability to create your own voice commands should provide some serious entertainment when the game comes out.

Since XCOM was amazing and this looks to be even cooler, a $15 starting pledge is a nice little bit to get a really awesome game. In addition to that, they are also giving you a copy of Sequence, which was quite the little hit . I would have liked to see some of the higher pledges come with a little more than a shirt or poster for their prices, so I don’t know how many large backers they will get. As of writing this, there are 6 days left and they are at $77,090 of the $90,000 goal, so get out there and offer a little support if it sounds cool to you.

Since nothing on Kickstarter is guaranteed to actually get done, I’m a big fan of seeing a Kickstarter page that has the risks and challenges on it. For me personally, it just shows that they know there could be hiccups and they have thought about how to overcome them. In the world of game design and development, there absolutely will be hiccups and any planning against them is a positive thing. Also, seeing that it’s been confirmed for Steam already should give you another solid feeling that this game will see the light of day.


Super Ubi Land
Notion Games

Super Ubi Land

Here is a cute, classic game that anyone who ever owned a Gameboy should get behind. One of the biggest reasons I chose this game was because it’s technically already done. Now, it’s currently just a simple, rough looking game, but this Kickstarter is going to be to improve the already existing game with new graphics, SFX and porting it to multiple platforms.

With gameplay elements that remind me of Kirby, Super Mario Bros, and even even more recently, Super Meat Boy, this Kickstarter will be a nice homage to where gaming comes from. It looks like a blast to be able to play for the Wii U which they received Nintendo’s blessing on.

As a smaller Kickstarter project, the rewards are equally as small. They start out at $1 packed with stuff like the game and 5 illustrations, and head on up to $200, but it seems to max out the value at $15 as rewards get repetitive after that. All in all, this looks like a cute little game that would be a good playthrough to reminisce about those childhood platformers and even something that the young ones could grab and enjoy as well.

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