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[Featurama] 5 Healthy Snack Alternatives For Gamers – Dropping It Like It’s Hot


[Featurama] 5 Healthy Snack Alternatives For Gamers – Dropping It Like It’s Hot

The desire to munch on something while you are focusing on your game is just natural. Frequently, we gamers turn to snacks like Mountain Dew and Cheetos because of their availability and ease to eat quickly during load screens and cut scenes. However, sitting down and not moving for several hours per day while eating overly processed junk food leads to having quite the little belly on most of us. Let’s try and change that a little bit with some healthy alternatives.

I don’t know about you all, but one of the most satisfying parts of eating something is that snap or crunch. Carrots have this in spades with an audible snap every time you bite into one. Most local grocery stores have little bags of baby carrots for like $2. They are very easy to munch on quickly because of their size and can be a little sweet by themselves or savory if you have some ranch or Italian dressing in the fridge. Plain, a serving size is roughly 14 baby carrots and come in at a slim 32 calories… Much better than cheese puffs for sure.

Kale Chips:
Alright, I know what you all like and that is chips. The crispness and the saltiness just hits that spot sometimes. The downfall is that a serving of chips is very little and the calories and fat are insane, so kale chips are a good alternative that you can make quickly and easily to satisfy your stomach.

Grab a big bunch of kale from your local store. It’s around $1 for a whole bag full so it is also good for your wallet. Rinse it all off when you get home, tear it up into bite size chunks into a bowl, put in a little oil and salt/pepper, shake it up, and put it in the oven for a few minutes until it’s as crispy as you want it to be. If you are a little unsure, check out this recipe here or search online for some different versions if you are feeling frisky. The greatest thing is that you can flavor it to be whatever you want. A little curry powder is tasty, garlic powder is good too. Mix it up and try out your own flavor. This is everything you want out of a chip, but so darn healthy that your body won’t even know that you indulged a little.


dah dah dah dun!

Put some nuts in your mouth… Pistachios, almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts are all some really awesome alternatives while you wait to respawn after that 10 year old destroys you at Call of Duty again. They offer a nice bit of protein and good fats that your body needs for late night gaming sessions, and will also help curb your appetite a while longer than the unhealthy alternatives. Stick to roasted and salted versions and not the ones covered in candy though if you want the benefits without the guilt.

While most snacks we go for are usually salty and savory, sometimes you just want something sweet and that is A-OK. A Gala apple cored and cut into wedges is good all on its own, but sprinkle a little cinnamon on or a little tablespoon of peanut butter to dip them in and whoooo that is some good stuff. You can even get creative and slice them the other way into little rounds and make apple and PB mini sandwiches. Apples offer a ton of variety in what you can do with them that you shouldn’t get tired of them anytime soon. Not to mention that you can get them by the bagful at your grocery store for next to nothing and you can’t complain.

I know I totally sound like a hippie by this point, but granola is good for you and is pretty versatile as well. You can turn it into a trail mix by adding in some dried fruits and some nuts or you can go the homemade granola bar route. Add in some honey, a little peanut butter some coconut and chocolate chips, form into little balls or into bars and refrigerate for a bit and you will have a healthy and filling granola bar that you can pop into your mouth and get back to laying the smackdown on your opponents.

Ok, so technically this is #6, but I have to throw this in. I cut out soda and have felt so much better for it. I was getting cavities and bad breath because soda was essentially rotting my mouth. Water might not be the tastiest option if you are going from something like soda, but you can easily get little low calorie packets of flavoring or put in a lemon wedge that will make the transition smoother for you. Now that I’m drinking mostly water, I’ve dropped 6 pounds in the first week alone and my energy level isn’t crashing in the afternoons which is allowing me to get in more gaming time while also making sure that I have more money to get even more games.

I know this all sounds goofy and it kinda is. But switching out some of the crappier things you used to snack on with some of these will keep you feeling better, looking better and keep more money in your pockets so you can spend more of it buying cool games after we review them. Try these out or look online for some of your own recipes and ideas so you can do what you wanna do. Why not leave a comment below and share your favorite healthy snacks?

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