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[News] BattleBlock Theater is Coming… FINALLY


[News] BattleBlock Theater is Coming… FINALLY

Superstar developer of the internet and gaming, The Behemoth, has finally announced a release date for their latest game BattleBlock Theater. For those not aware, The Behemoth is responsible for a little, not-a-big-deal title called Castle Crashers, a game where you and 3 other people control cute, little knights with magic powers and save princesses that you totally make out with I can’t tell how long everyone -myself included- has been eagerly anticipating its debut ever since it was announced shortly after the release of its stellar predecessor, but now the wait is over!

A video by the famed developers was released just today to announce something big, but since you read the title of this first, you probably already know what that news is. So watch the video above and start getting excited. The game itself is an adorably-drawn ‘party platformer’, (I don’t know what else to call it) and the announcement video does a good job of being hilarious while still looking promising, which is sometimes uncommon with games that are long overdue in development hell.

BattleBlock Theater comes out April 3rd.


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