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[Twinfinite Insider] Con Los Twinfiknights


[Twinfinite Insider] Con Los Twinfiknights

I love The Harlem Shake viral videos. I don’t care if it’s going to be reeeeeeeally annoying in a week, I love it right now. That’s why I forced the staff to stop working so we could create our own. Also, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time released! Did anyone realize that? Expect my review soon, I can’t stop singing Pitbull’s Back In Time while playing it because I’m a Miami douche bag  Let’s see what else happened around the site with the weekly roundup!


Does Warren Spector Have A Point?

Do The Harlem Shake

Wormlight: Bastion’s Amir Rao Talkes About Why Lazy Ports Suck

Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Episode 54: On the topic of violence

Twinfinite Talks: What Do You Look For in Video Game Criticism?

Let’s Save the Industry: Violence Edition

A new take on an old trick – Hitman Trilogy HD Collection/Absolution Unboxing



Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – Best. Superman game. Ever.

Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation

Proteus — Postcards From Chill Island


Prey 2 Coming? 

Commander Keen Kickstarter Begins

The Witcher 3 Information Released

TERA Goes Free To Play

Rayman Legends Delayed, Coming To Xbox 360 And PS3

Gabe Newell Discusses Steam Bottlenecks in Candid Interview

Twinfinite’s Justin Robert LIVE on Truthloader Today

All the XSEED Games Now Up for Pre-Order, Prepare Cash

Ouya will be sold at major retailers this June

Disney Mobile releases new free game: Where’s My Valentine?

Rovio dropped the prices on their HD games for iPad

I Ask of You…Are You My Fate/Zero English Dub?

The Playfire & GMG Giveaway — Because Free Stuff Rules

Sky Pirates Racing now available for free worldwide

Fire Emblem: Awakening Delayed Several Days, Millions Weep


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