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[Review] Croixleur


[Review] Croixleur

Croixleur is the hot new indie title from doujin localizer Nyu Media. If the term doujin is foreign to you, then here is a short lesson.  Doujin titles are independent titles from Japanese developers.  It is a common term for titles coming from independent studios, writers and mangaka. For some reason they decided to lump the entire definition of small self published works in to that title instead of just using the word independent like we did.

That’s fine because up until recently, there was no presence of doujin publishing in America.  Smaller Japanese studios usually stayed in Japan. With the beauty of the internet, the market has opened these developers up to cheaper localization techniques and thus we see companies like Nyu Media bring out some interesting new games.

Is Croixleur an interesting new game? Read on to see if the guys over at Nyu Media brought over a hit.

Croixleur is interesting in that it is a hack and slash version of Robotron.  There is a bit more to it than that, but the idea is the same.  Kill all enemies in a level, move forward, kill more enemies, move forward, etc.  Sure it has a cute aesthetic with the happy go lucky female protagonist, but the idea is still unbelievably simple. Hack and slash your way to the end of the game.

It is this simplicity that sticks with the game throughout.  Enemies are all color swapped for difficulty and the total number of enemy types can probably be counted on your fingers. The arenas are all the same sized circles.  Even the controls, while tightly maintained, are left simply to attack, dash, jump and spin round.

That’s really all there is to the formula. There are 3 modes to extend that formula, but that’s it.

What the game focuses on is efficiency.  Beating Croixleur isn’t really a challenge with a controller, but the game utilizes combos and a timer to push across the point of jumping back in and doing just a bit better.  This is also highlighted by the branching paths that really don’t feel much different, but allow you to collect new swords and weapons.  These new weapons allow you to change up things a bit by giving you a different special attack.

There is a good deal you can wring out of Croixleur‘s simplicity.  This is more true with the game’s attention to mastering the games controls.  The standard attack and jump commands come with a delay which leaves you open for attacks if you get a bit careless.  To accommodate this, burning MP by dashing or using special moves will let you boost out of the delay.  This is what makes the Endless and Score Attack modes far more interesting than the Story mode; everything plays off of each other.  Playing through story mode gets you the weapons that helps you better move through those modes.  There isn’t much to the story so burning through this isn’t really all that much trouble.

Truthfully, Croixleur only really rewards you with what you put in to it.  For those looking at the cute characters and are expecting a decent story, you’ll be disappointed.  Those looking for a game to invest time in, will be rewarded with solid controls and a simple to learn interface.  There are better games that will reward you with that out there, but this offers something a bit different to the standard hack and slash formula.

It offers pure hack and slash without all the nonsense that the genre has been getting watered down with.

Final Breakdown

[+Solid Controls] [+Good Designs] [+Simple] [+Cheap] [-Short Story Mode] [-Needs More Enemy Types]

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