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[News] Sky Pirates Racing now available for free worldwide


[News] Sky Pirates Racing now available for free worldwide


Following the success of their “aerial kart racing” mobile game’s test launch in Canada, Fathom Interactive have announced that Sky Pirates of Neo Terra (or Sky Pirates Racing) is now available globally for iOS, Facebook, Kindle Fire, and Android (technically: Google Play for Android will have it next week). The best part about the multi-device availability is that the game is 100% cross-platform enabled. This means you can challenge your Facebook friend while playing on your iPad or Kindle Fire.

If you thought about, say Mario Kart… or the excellent Star Wars pod racing game that I used to play on the N64… you know, a game with a set number of racers (in the case of Sky Pirates, six) where you play with friends in real time for three laps, and made it steampunk with beautiful artwork by the amazingly talented Camilla d’Errico (she makes comics and other print art, as well as tees and even sculptures), then you’d pretty much have an idea of what this game is about. In a press release (see full release), Fathom also notes that a new race track will be added to this game every two weeks. Do I need to remind you that it’s free?

Links to apps/downloads: iTunes App Store | Facebook | Kindle Fire

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