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[News] Rovio dropped the prices on their HD games for iPad


[News] Rovio dropped the prices on their HD games for iPad


Have you been thinking about playing one of the Angry Birds games, perhaps been tempted by Angry Birds Star Wars, but didn’t want to pony up the cash for an HD mobile game? Considering I don’t tend to like any of the Angry Birds games, but love Star Wars, I do fall into that category. I know; I’m a bad person for being that way. I mean, I shouldn’t have any hangups paying $3 for a game that’ll give me hours of entertainment. But, if you’re (occasionally) a bad person like me, and you have a buck to spare, now’s the time to get any and all of Rovio’s Angry Birds games and even Bad Piggies HD and Amazing Alex HD for just 99 cents each. (via TouchArcade)

Seriously. All of these games are worth at least a buck considering how entertaining they can be. Unless you’re like me, and the idea of sling-shooting a fat bird at a tower of piggies just doesn’t do it for you. So instead, I’ll be flinging fat Jedi birds. On my iPad. And I’m going to like it.

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