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[News] Ouya will be sold at major retailers this June


[News] Ouya will be sold at major retailers this June

Remember the massively successful Kickstarter for an Android-based console with the funny name? Well, gamers spoke with their wallets ($8.5 million strong), and the Ouya will (hopefully) deliver in the very near future: according to theverge, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman announced today that Kickstarter backers should receive their consoles this March, the Ouya site will begin to sell their consoles in April, and retail chains including Best Buy, Gamestop, and Target will have the Ouya on shelves in June. The console will also be sold on Amazon.

The retail price is at $99.99 for the console with a controller, with additional controllers setting you back $49.99. Although Uhrman admits the controller price is a bit steep, she believes the incorporated touchpad as well as the potential for players to create their own peripherals makes up for it.

All this is exciting news for many reasons. Will a new console, with its development funded by enthusiastic gamers, succeed against the potential releases of next-gen competitors? Will the Ouya be as “hackable” as advertised when it was first announced? Will it become a major contender against the “big three”? We will get the answers to these questions by the end of this year.

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