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[News] No New AMD Cards This Year?


[News] No New AMD Cards This Year?

Apparently AMD is not going to be putting out much in the ways of new graphics cards this year. In an interview with AMD’s product manager Devon Nekechuk, they plan to coast on their current 7000 series of graphics cards for 2013. The current series of cards is still going to be supported though, and we can expect updated drivers and price changes on what is currently available.

On one hand, this seems pretty smart. Since I got into computer building a few years back, you could expect a brand new flagship line of graphics cards to be released every year. Putting out faster cards every year requires a bunch of money to constantly be put into the R&D department. At this point, every PC game that’s out is more than playable with the cards that are currently available.  Proper support for current cards is great.

On the other hand, the competition is not taking a break. While AMD is not producing new cards, Nvidia is currently set to release their “Titan” line of GPUs in the next couple of weeks. However this could also afford Nvidia some time to cool off and just sit on the products they’re currently producing as well. There’s no reason to innovate and push out faster cards if the competition isn’t doing it either.

I’m really hoping this is not a permanent thing. Competition is good for the consumer. With AMD out of the picture for now, Nvidia has free reign to charge whatever they want for the upcoming cards. They won’t have anything competing with them, so why not?

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