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[News] Nintendo Direct – A Very Luigi Valentine’s Day


[News] Nintendo Direct – A Very Luigi Valentine’s Day

It being Valentine’s Day, there are two things in the air: Love, and Luigi. 2013 has been dubbed by Nintendo as being the Year of Luigi as this morning’s Nintendo Direct made yet another flurry of mostly Luigi-centric announcements of upcoming games, release dates, and downloadable content. Hit the jump to read everything from the presentation.

Satoru Iwata kicks off the video by standing there, donning Luigi’s hat, looking adorable, and going over the origins of Mario’s twin brother, how he has always been playing second fiddle to his infinitely more popular brother. Shigeru Miyamoto is then featured giving an in-depth preview of the upcoming 3DS sequel, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, including details about the newest features, puzzles, and multiplayer aspects. You can look forward to playing this game once it reaches store shelves on March 24th.


Immediately after, a brand new installment makes its announcement. The Mario & Luigi series will be making its debut on the Nintendo 3DS in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. While Mario once again seems to be the primary playable character, Luigi will still be playing a major role as the setting of the game takes place within his dream, a world where he gets his well-deserved prominence. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team has been given an estimated release of Summer 2013.

Also, arriving this Summer will be a new entry in the Mario Golf series coming to the 3DS called Mario Golf: World Tour. Iwata states it will contain mechanics not unlike those of previous entries, comfortable and accessible for those already familiar with the sport with all the charm and characters from Super Mario games, including Donkey Kong.

The Wii U will not be without its share of Luigi love as well. As downloadable content, a full scale Luigi adventure will be available for people with copies of New Super Mario Bros. U. Essentially, it will be the same game, but with every level made differently. At the moment, there is no estimated release date, only that it may take some time, but New Super Luigi U will be released sometime in 2013.

Story of my life.

The rest of the Nintendo Direct presentation is jam-packed with other deals, promotions, and announcements, so prepare yourselves:

Additionally, Iwata announced a Zelda Miiverse. Starting today, fans of the Legend of Zelda can meet up on the Wii U discussion board and talk for hours about how Tingle is the greatest character in video game history (not).

In other news, players can still acquire the free downloadable map for Fire Emblem: Awakening off the Nintendo eShop until March 6th. After that 6th, it will cost $2.50 and the Champions Pack will cost $6.00. Starting today, there is also a new Champions of Yore 3 map pack available for purchase in-game which will include a new character, special skill, and the chance to face off against popular characters Ike, Marth, and Roy. The Golden Gaffe map pack will also be available as you face off against wealthy enemies as a chance to get a lot of money and “make it rain” (not really). The content doesn’t stop there as you can look forward to more downloads consistently arriving in the coming months.

Wait for it… wait for it….

My absolute favorite announcement that made my panties burst into flames was finally the North American release date for the upcoming 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They then went on to talk about the game’s extensive online and wireless connectivity features. There will also be an Animal Crossing inspired clothing collection available for copies of StyleSavvy Trendsetters, which is pretty cute for the two people that will buy and play that.

Also, as a promotion you can download either Super Mario 3D Land, Star Fox 64 3D, Freakyforms Deluxe, Art Academy, or Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask for free when you register a new Nintendo 3DS XL and your copy of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. This offer will only be valid between March 21st and April 30th.

There will also be a new credit system for the WiiU eShop as you get 10% off of the full price of any downloadable game if you have a Deluxe Wii U and when you register your new WiiU games like New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, etc. There will be a Deluxe Digital Promotion site where you can track your rewards and registered games, similar to Club Nintendo.

One more thing, you’ll be glad to know that one game will be going on sale a week on the 3DS eShop starting today, in this order: Bit.Trip Saga, Crashmo, Fractured Soul, Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword, Ketzal’s Corridors, and Mutant Mudds. If your eyes are still not bleeding from all of these announcements, they will be in just a moment.


Okay, now get ready for a horse-piss ton of release dates and announcements:

  • WiiStreetU powered by Google will be available for a limited time as a free download, starting today.
  • Zen Pinball 2 available as a free download on the WiiU eShop all this month.
  • ZombiU Deluxe WiiU bundle available on February 17 for $389.99.
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge patch arriving sometime this month. 
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow coming to 3DS eShop on March 5.
  • Kersploosh!, a game like A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, will come to the eShop on March 7.
  • HarmoKnight will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS with a demo up for download on March 14.
  • Lego City Undercover was also confirmed for a March 18 release date for the Wii U and 3DS. 
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to WiiU and 3DS simultaneously on March 19.
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted U is coming to WiiU on March 19.
  • The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct coming to WiiU on March 26.
  • Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger is coming to the eShop on April 11.
  • Toki Tori 2 is coming to WiiU eShop in March.
  • Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move, a new puzzle game, will arrive sometime this year.
  • Natsume’s Harvest Moon and Legend of the River King for GBC will be coming to the 3DS Virtual Console sometime.
  • Lastly, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be coming to 3DS sometime.

In my opinion, there’s not a whole lot to get legitmately excited over, at least in comparison to the last Nintendo Direct presentation. However, this is still quite a lot. It looks like there will be something for everyone as the year progresses. I still don’t think there’s enough Luigi to call it the Year of Luigi, but hey that’s just me. You can take it or leave it, but it seems like Nintendo has gotten a little more comfortable with their products since last time. Once again, they will be riding on their first-party titles to carry the weight of the WiiU and 3DS. I only hope that it’s enough for their sake.

Anyway, have a lovely Valentine’s Day everybody, single or not, you’d better have the time of your life.

You can watch the full Nintendo Direct presentation yourself below if you’d like:



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