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[News] Gabe Newell Discusses Steam Bottlenecks in Candid Interview


[News] Gabe Newell Discusses Steam Bottlenecks in Candid Interview

“Steam’s storefront is boring.”

“Steam’s approval process is a dictatorship.”

“Steam Greenlight is a bad idea overall.”

These are bold sentiments when talking about the biggest and most successful PC gaming digital distribution site out there. What’s really interesting about them is that they came from every PC gamer’s favorite uncle, Valve CEO Gabe Newell. In a recent talk he gave at the University of Texas, he discussed the future of Steam as a platform, and addressed some of the issues it faces currently. Not being the type to rest on his laurels, Newell said the future of the platform will likely embrace user-generated content; allowing the public to tailor one’s own store to his/her preferences.

This idea is already taking shape in other fields such as Library and Information Studies, and would represent a fascinating shift in the world of retail game sales. Will it work? I have no idea, but I learned a long time ago to never bet against Valve when it comes to innovative new ideas.

Thanks to Gamasutra for the source. Hit the jump to see Newell’s talk.



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