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[News] Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Expansion — My Body is Finally Ready


[News] Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Expansion — My Body is Finally Ready

You may now proceed to soil yourself.

Capcom’s 2012 action-RPG Dragon’s Dogma will be given a massive expansion this April 23rd in North America and April 26th in Europe. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will include all content from the original game with new locations such as a huge underground realm and a place called Bitterblack Isle, rife with new enemies and challenges. For newcomers to the series, you’ll be glad to know this will all be available for just $39.99. There will be rewards for veterans though, which you can read about after the jump.

While you may carry over your save data from the original game, that is still a hefty price if you already purchased Dragon’s Dogma before. Capcom Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson did comment on the decision to make the expansion hard copy:

I get it guys. We went round and round with the team on this topic as it would have been a preferred option from our standpoint too. As it turns out, I’m sorry but unfortunately there were major technical limitations that couldn’t allow for a digital upgrade path. The original game was just not designed to be expanded (no hooks in the original code) and so a full-game delivery mechanism was the only option.

We also tried to explore a number of mechanisms to try and otherwise put this full product in original owners hands at a discount digitally but we would have run afowl of a few first party policies (not any first party’s fault, t’was our fault).

So instead, we’re packing more than $20 worth of value in digital rewards for existing users:   100K rift crystals (which in DDDA have a LOT more uses than they did in DD vanilla) the Gransys armor pack and the unlimited Ferrystone. We hope this will be a sufficient “thank you” for being part of the first wave of Dragon’s Dogma fans given the development limitations we had.

Fair enough, Capcom. Regardless, check out the newest badass trailer featuring the latest enemy additions in Dark Arisen:


In more disappointing news, there are still no plans to bring Dragon’s Dogma to PC, which makes me sad, but that’s okay; Dark Arisen is the perfect excuse for me to finally get this game anyway.

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