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[News] Commander Keen Kickstarter Begins


[News] Commander Keen Kickstarter Begins

Once again, Twinfinite finds itself on the cutting edge of the video game industry’s hottest news.

Our friends over at Polygon reported yesterday that Tom Hall, a creator of Id Software’s pre-Doom classic platformer Commander Keen was launching a Kickstarter to fund a spiritual sequel. It’s going to be called Worlds of Wander Plus ‘Secret Spaceship Club’ Game, and in addition to the Keen-esque revival, Hall is also including an editor which will allow players to create their own levels and share them.

While the story is sourced to Polygon (because that’s what us REAL games journalists are supposed to do apparently), the fact is that this is old news around these parts. You see, Jayborino, our Let’s Play correspondent, clearly planted the seed for this last week during the TSFT Podcast, in which he said the series he would most like to see come back would be Commander Keen. We’re cool though, Polygon. You can have the scoop on the big story this time. 🙂

Go here to support the Worlds of Wander Kickstarter.


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