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[News] Bungie and Activision Show Off More Destiny; Third Impact is Nigh


[News] Bungie and Activision Show Off More Destiny; Third Impact is Nigh


Activision has come out bringing with them Bungie to show off Destiny. A couple days ago Bungie held a press conference of their own to show off the first details and images of their new IP after the Halo franchise.

The event, as interesting as it was, letdown many with its lack of actual in-game footage. Turns out, they were holding onto all that delicious in-game footage to show off at Sony’s Playstation 4 event. The game, which is being billed as a cross between Halo and Borderlands in that it’s a co-op FPS, RPG with constant drop-in/drop-out multiplayer.

I’ll be honest with you, when I first heard about Destiny last Sunday my mind didn’t wander to Borderlands but instead of Dark Souls but as an FPS. The constant online interaction and connectivity between players sounds like a more active variation of the Souls’ series online system. Food for thought.

You can check out the full PS4 Destiny video after the jump.

Also I’m not the only one getting a third impact vibe from that orbiting globe right?


Third Impact


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