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[News] Batman to Punch More Fools in New Arkham Series Game


[News] Batman to Punch More Fools in New Arkham Series Game

Reports are in confirming that a third Arkham-series Batman game is in the works for release toward the end of this year. That’s the one big thing that is certain amidst all the rumors and water cooler chit chat.

The rumors? VG247 reports that this new game will actually not be produced by Rocksteady, who have handled the previous two games in the series. The game is also reported as being a sort of prequel. Variety published an article last year saying that the “next installment in Rocksteady Studios’ gritty video game series” would focus on when Batman and Joker first meet, and situations that led to the beginnings of the Justice League. The premise sounds fun, though I wonder if things will remain so even after rumors have begun to spread that the Justice League movie script is canned/changing hands (note: this is, again, a rumor and the article names no sources).

I usually don’t like posting about rumor and speculation, so I’m not even going to bother making predictions. Until an official statement is made by Rocksteady (who haven’t updated their news section since 2010) or Warner Bros. it’s hard to report much more than this, but as a final note I am also disappointed to learn that Paul Dini is not involved with the writing as per Polygon.

We’ll be standing by for more information as it becomes available.

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