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[Featurama] It’s Not Like I’m Like This For You! My Favorite Tsunderes


[Featurama] It’s Not Like I’m Like This For You! My Favorite Tsunderes

What? You think I’m doing this because I want to?! What are you stupid?! Hahaha what an idiot! I didn’t realize you had such a high regard for yourself! B-but if you really want to see it I guess I have no choice. It’s like charity for the poor or s-something like that. Yeah, hahaha, that’s it! I feel sorry for you that’s all. So what if this is just a personal list of favorites, I-I worked really hard on this.

Whatever idiot, just hit the jump already!


Tron Bonne (Mega Man Legends)

The luckless heiress of the Bonne crime family how could I crate a list without you?! Only you could be that dere dere while attempting to blow up our favorite blue bomber. The villainess wants everything (serious kleptomaniac this one) yet the only thing in her way for Volnutt’s love is…well Mega Man’s inability to notice affection if it went up and punched him in the face (Sadly a common trait amongst the heroes). Also can anybody else pull off purple spandex? Case closed.


By もー (

Franziska Von Karma (Ace Attorney)

I shouldn’t have to explain myself for this one do I? Only a foolishly foolish fool (So foolish it needs to be said 4 times) would need a lesson into why Franziska Von Karma is the best. Trained in Germany, this prosecuting rottweiler will have no problem tearing your flimsy defense arguments to tatters if you try to bring that weak shit in her court. Not even a bullet can stop her from not telling her nonexistent feelings that totally aren’t there. Objection!


By 羊羹 (

Tachibana Misato (Nichijou)

With love as explosive as grenades and feelings that pierce through your heart like a bullet, there is only one character on this list that transcends Tsundere…ness altogether. I suppose if you haven’t seen Nichijou (which you need to rectify this instant) then you would be unfamiliar with this walking weapons silo. With a belligerent attitude towards high school goat owner Sasahara Koujirou, she just can’t seem to get her feelings across without blatant disregard for public gun control laws. Seriously, I’ll just let this clip do all the talking.


Revy (Black Lagoon)

Yeah seriously, who would’ve thought she had a soft side? How many other women do you know that will literally threaten a child for your sake? Not many I bet. Swashbuckling pirate off the coast of South East Asia and gunslinger of the Lagoon Company, Revy may be the last person who would offer you chocolate, but she would make damn sure you make it out of a gang war in one piece. In the end, isn’t that what really matters? I think so.


Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)

I can only assume she’s a tsundere. I mean with the way she darts back and forth between the personality poles would make Richard Byrd envious (Google him). Setting up Travis Touchdown’s assassin matches in No More Heroes she offers to sleep with him one moment, then kill him if he ever makes her jealous the next. She has so many personalities though even Travis seems to find it exasperating. Regardless of which side of the dere dere chart she falls on, we can all agree that we’d probably fall for her even if it meant becoming the world’s number 1 ranked assassin.


Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Possibly the most famous on the list, she is the poster child for the character type, Half-German (Maybe Germany is secretly a Tsundere capital?) pilot of a Eva Unit 02. Her inability to be honest with her feelings is cute and roguish at first, until we find out that it’s actually a result of her crippling low self-esteem and intense fear of intimacy. I’m talking about a girl who’s so afraid of being emotionally vulnerable that she would alienate one of the few people she seems to care for and then become angrier and more miserable when he runs away from her abuse. Less of a character quirk and more of a deconstruction on the character type itself, it takes a person with a very hard time living with themselves to even acknowledge their true feelings. It’s a difficult life when instead of telling other people you care about them you try to make them as miserable as you.


You probably figured out by now that the list is in descending order of destructive tendencies. Honestly, it’s gotta be really hard not being able to tell people that you care about them. It takes a lot courage, but I’m sure it’s worth the effort. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone~

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