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[Community] Twinfinite Talks: What Do You Look For in Video Game Criticism?


[Community] Twinfinite Talks: What Do You Look For in Video Game Criticism?

Yesterday morning I was wrapped in a fairly interesting discussion around whether or not “game literacy” was required to properly critique video games. On the one hand, an understanding in the technical aspects of video games can go a long way. On the other hand, there can also be a more reactionary style of criticism not bogged down by technical jargon. While this is a matter of debate in and of itself, it did establish one thing: Everyone looks for something different in game criticism.

So the question I’m asking you this week is what do you look for when reading analytical works on the subject of video games? Do you look for different things than you would in say, film, comics, or anime critiques? Are there things that you would prefer a writer addresses but aren’t necessary or do you absolutely require a writer write about a particular aspect in all video games?

Of course there probably isn’t a correct answer (if there were, the writing landscape would be quite boring, no?) but it’s always a pleasure to hear from everyone. Post responses, comments, declarations in the comments section after the jump.

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