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[Community] Participate to Help Gaming Research and for a Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card!


[Community] Participate to Help Gaming Research and for a Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card!

Last week, I participated in an interesting discussion about gaming addiction (the audio gets better) hosted by Truthloader and was accompanied by well-known industry names like YouTuber Jessie Cox and former Xbox Live editor Dan Maher, now the co-founder of Explosive Alan.  Also in the discussion was Emily Collins, a researcher at University College London.  I reached out to Emily after the discussion to ask about any  video gaming research she was conducting that involves addiction as I had a personal interest in the topic.  While not running any studies on compulsion/addiction at the time, she did point me towards her current project studying whether video games can be used to help people recover from work and to stop work stresses from affecting their home-life, as well as the effects of online versus offline social support.  It takes about 15-20 minutes and you’ll get feedback on all your scores at the end, plus you’ll be entered into a prize draw for Amazon vouchers!  Having actual gamers participate in studies like this is how gamers can have a real influence on the way the rest of the world sees our community considering there hasn’t been a huge scientific focus on gaming research yet.  Don’t let the crazies dictate how we are perceived; this is an incredibly easy was to help make the difference.   …And maybe win an Amazon giftcard.

Here is the link to participate!

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