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[Twinfinite Insider] RIP PS2 Edition!


[Twinfinite Insider] RIP PS2 Edition!


What a week! We gave the PS2 a proper bon voyage with our [RIP PS2] articles, the game industry got a stern wag of the finger, and it was an extravaganza of the “release date news” sorts. Also, did you know there’s an entire site dedicated to drawing Hawkeye in sexy female superhero poses? You’re welcome.

Stay fierce, Twinfiknights, keep your eyes on the action and your ears on the heartbeat of the industry!


RIP PS2: Welcome To The New Generation – Grand Theft Auto III

RIP PS2: Why The PS2 Was So Successful

An Interview With Skullkickers Creator Jim Zub

Twinfinite’s First Gaming Loves

RIP PS2: The 10 PS2 Games You Definitely Need

RIP PS2: In Simpler Days: Kingdom Hearts

We Get the Games Industry We Deserve

RIP PS2: The PS2 is Faster than a Car

Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Episode 51: Our Gaming Agenda – The Bioware Edition! (And others too!)

RIP PS2: Through the Meat Grinder – Silent Hill 2

RIP PS2: Final Fantasy X – Blitzing Towards Oblivion

RIP PS2: Sony Made Art Out of Ads

RIP PS2: Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward

RIP PS2: Best Worst Games!

Let’s Play: Revenge of the Titans Weekly Roundup

RIP PS2: Our Favorite PS2 Games

Chipfinite Weekly: NES Jamming


Late to the Party: Farming Simulator 2013

Late to the Party: Dead Space 2 – The Minding of Isaac

Late to the Party: Imscared – No seriously, I’m scared


Gamer Charities: Press Paws Show in February and Other Recent Events

Official Release Dates for The Cave

Injustice: Gods Among Us Gets A Release Date And Editions Announced

Croixleur Gets a Release Date

Disney Infinity looks awesome, is slated for release in June

Tecmo Koei Bringing Atelier Ayesha this March

Fire Emblem: Awakening Will Have Both English and Japanese Audio

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Release Date Announced

Suda 51 Brings Back Assassins in Killer is Dead

XSEED Games Announces Pandora’s Tower for Spring 2013

PC Exclusive Characters for Sonic Kart Racer

Killer is Dead Debut Trailer is Classy as Hell

Unofficial WarCraft III sequel is in the pipeline

Cast your vote for MMO of the year 2013

Super Hexagon Spins Onto Android

Steam Guides are here to help you out

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