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[TSFT] Episode #52: Arguing for “NFS: The Run”


[TSFT] Episode #52: Arguing for “NFS: The Run”

Welcome back folks, we missed you oh so much. This episode we bring you Jan Hutchings of JTM Games to talk about some of what he’s been playing! We talk Far Cry 3, a little Mass Effect, and we delve into the evolution of the free to play model. Tyler also has his weekly convince-everyone-to-play-a-bad-game moment, with “Need for Speed: The Run.” It’s a great one, and we look forward to seeing you next week. Here’s to 52 more episodes! (That’s a year!)

Check out Jan’s Website!

NOTE: We will be streaming our podcast recordings LIVE from our channel! (Sundays, 10 pm EST)

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