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[News] XSEED Games Announces Pandora’s Tower for Spring 2013


[News] XSEED Games Announces Pandora’s Tower for Spring 2013


After the arduous campaign to bring a select group of Nintendo Wii games to the west; the last of the Operation Rainfall games, Pandora’s Tower, will be coming to North America this spring courtesy of XSEED Games.

XSEED was also responsible for bringing over The Last Story, another of the games the Wii sorely needed. It ended up being XSEED’s most successful title to date. Despite a new Nintendo console out on the market today, the great reception of The Last Story seems to imply a genuine desire for these games. Having myself purchased the last two Operation Rainfall games (Xenoblade, The Last Story) I’ll probably end up picking up Pandora’s Tower as well, if only to show my willingness to pay for these niche titles for Nintendo’s future endeavors.


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