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[News] Tomb Raider’s multiplayer sneak peek


[News] Tomb Raider’s multiplayer sneak peek

Remember the announcement revealing that Tomb Raider, an upcoming 2013 release, will have multiplayer? PC Gamer released details and footage today of the multiplayer side of the game, which is being developed by Eidos Montreal (devs of Deus Ex: Human Revolution). The footage reveals a traditional arena-based deathmatch with the addition of “surivival elements”, according to a dev. Players will be able to set traps, booby trap ammo boxes, and climb walls as they run and gun or snipe with a bow.

From the information available now, it seems great that Eidos, who had never developed a multiplayer element to their games before, is producing a multiplayer game that is at least a little more than the traditional shooters out there. Popular opinion still appears to be skeptical though, as critics repeatedly state that Tomb Raider is not a franchise that needs a multiplayer element. It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing.

Watch the video below:


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