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[News] Steam Guides are here to help you out


[News] Steam Guides are here to help you out


There are plenty of guides out there, all over the internet, to help you out when you get stuck on that puzzle or with this boss. Now guides will be integrated via the Community Hub directly into the Steam client and online as long as users keep creating them. You don’t even need to exit your game. Just open up the Steam Overlay and bam. The “Guides” section will be there to help you. Here’s an example of one of the top rated guides in the new system.

Right now, of course, there might not be a guide out for every game with all the tips you need, but as users (your fellow gamers) continue to populate that area, there will be ever less reasons for anyone to turn to guides anywhere outside of Steam just based on the convenience. Steam is encouraging players to make guides based on anything, from walk-throughs to game secrets.

There doesn’t seem to be a filtering process for these guides yet, as Steam’s Guides page informs us that any guide you publish will be available “immediately.” I haven’t tried it myself yet to see if there’s actually any delay, though I feel that it would cause problems if there wren’t some kind of monitor on user-generated content.

Either way, it’s a swell thing. Remember the Guides section, and also know that the Guides section will remember you. You can mark guides as “favorites” and it’ll even remember which ones you recently browsed whenever you access it. Check it out the next time you’re on Steam and consider contributing your own tips.

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