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[News] Scott Pilgrim vs The World is Going Online


[News] Scott Pilgrim vs The World is Going Online

About time. Scott Pilgrim vs the World was a fun game with great art and chip tunes.  However it was always held back by one tiny annoying issue.  It was offline co-op only meaning god forbid you had to invite someone over.

That issue has now been rectified with the Wallace DLC pack that includes online play and a handsome new character.  The proposed pack will be 160 MSP which is like $2 in real people money, and will be going live on February 6th.  Tribute Games has said, which was retweeted by Paul Robertson, that none of the original team is involved with this update.

This update was originally scheduled for a August release date, however it had been pushed back six months. Hopefully this update can do a lot to spread the awareness of Scott Pilgrim and his 2D love battles.

Content Coming Soon to Xbox Live Marketplace (Major Nelson)

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