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[News] Portal 2 is 75% off today on Steam


[News] Portal 2 is 75% off today on Steam

In case you haven’t purchased Portal 2 yet for future awesomeness, today might be a good day to drop some dough on it. Steam’s Daily Deal puts it at only US$4.99 for the next ~22 hours at the time of writing (refer to this post’s time stamp). For slightly less than double that, you could buy two copies and be an awesome friend.

Portal 2 is Valve’s sequel to the insanely popular Portal, featuring a female protagonist (Chell) who comes head-to-head with GLaDOS, a loony A.I. at Aperture Labs, after you participate in all her “experiments.” Portal 2 adds new characters, multi-player options and even more mind-bending physics puzzles than before. It’s probably worth your five bucks.

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