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[News] Official Release Dates for The Cave


[News] Official Release Dates for The Cave

Just a short while ago at the time of writing, Ron Gilbert tweeted official release dates (finally!) for The Cave. On January 22 we’ll see its release on PSN and WiiU, and January 23 is when you’ll be able to grab it on XBLA and Steam (pre-order). In even better news, Mac and Linux are totally not left out here, so basically everyone’s invited. The only thing missing is an announcement for iOS and Android. The game will cost US$14.99 (not sure about other regions).

The Cave is an adventure game by Double Fine and Ron Gilbert being published by Sega. It features seven characters of which you get to choose three for your adventure, and explore the cave in search of greatness, fantasies, your desires, all that good stuff. Taking different characters with you on your adventure produces different outcomes, and the concept reminds me a whole lot of Trine, as previously mentioned by another Twinfiknight when the game was announced. It’s also my anticipated game of 2013, so I’ll be grabbing this at release.

See the latest trailer.

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