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[News] New Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trailer is Sexy


[News] New Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trailer is Sexy

I know many of you are not Naruto fans, that’s okay. That still doesn’t forgive you from looking at a few trailers for the new Naruto game. Why? Well because cel shaded graphics doesn’t get better than this and that’s pretty much fact.  Sure the 3D Naruto’s don’t really play much like I’d want, but they sure do look exactly like everything I’d want from a Naruto title.

With this taking place during the 4th Ninja war, you know it has to be fun.  While this arc isn’t what I want to read out of Naruto as you can see that the anime and game publishers were all pushing for something they can milk to death, it does have a lot of exciting things behind it.  This, well this is about as large of a story arc as you can make it and here we get to see Cyberconnect2 distill that luxurious filler fodder in to something fun. Let’s be honest, it does look a bit fun in it’s silly over the top moves and characters.

Check the trailer out and wait patiently for the March 5th release date.

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