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[News] Junction Point Studios is officially closed down


[News] Junction Point Studios is officially closed down

Update: also confirmed – following the end of Junction Point, Warren Spector will not be sticking with Disney.

After seeing a few rumors here and there, I am disappointed to report that Junction Point Studios has officially shut down, according to a confirmation by the Polygon team. You should know Junction Point as the developer of Epic Mickey and the more recent entry, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Apparently, sales for the later game were incredibly poor, which probably had something to do with it.

Disney has been doing a lot of rearranging with their gaming studios, though, and it looks like they’ll be focusing much more on mobile gaming instead of consoles. In a sense, I’m kind of glad? I mean, they’re doing mobile gaming right. So far, I’ve loved all their new games, starting with Where’s My Water? and recent mobile movie tie-ins. If that’s the direction they’re headed with their games (Disney Infinity aside), then it’s probably a good move, in the end. There’s a little more insight on the above-linked article to the LA Times in that regard.

Feel free to share your thoughts! Do you care enough about mobile gaming to see a more concentrated effort in creating social game experiences with more unique characters which will eventually make their way into the parks? Where’s My Water?‘s Swampy has already gotten an official¬†mini-series on YouTube as well as tees and plushies. I wonder what’s next?

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