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[News] Junction Point Studios is officially closed down


[News] Junction Point Studios is officially closed down

Update: also confirmed – following the end of Junction Point, Warren Spector will not be sticking with Disney.

After seeing a few rumors here and there, I am disappointed to report that Junction Point Studios has officially shut down, according to a confirmation by the Polygon team. You should know Junction Point as the developer of Epic Mickey and the more recent entry, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Apparently, sales for the later game were incredibly poor, which probably had something to do with it.

Disney has been doing a lot of rearranging with their gaming studios, though, and it looks like they’ll be focusing much more on mobile gaming instead of consoles. In a sense, I’m kind of glad? I mean, they’re doing mobile gaming right. So far, I’ve loved all their new games, starting with Where’s My Water? and recent mobile movie tie-ins. If that’s the direction they’re headed with their games (Disney Infinity aside), then it’s probably a good move, in the end. There’s a little more insight on the above-linked article to the LA Times in that regard.

Feel free to share your thoughts! Do you care enough about mobile gaming to see a more concentrated effort in creating social game experiences with more unique characters which will eventually make their way into the parks? Where’s My Water?‘s Swampy has already gotten an official mini-series on YouTube as well as tees and plushies. I wonder what’s next?


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