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[News] Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Plans Unsheathed


[News] Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Plans Unsheathed

This was the reason I got a 3DS before I heard about Pokemon X/Y. Fire Emblem: Awakening is a tactical RPG set in the kingdom of Ylisse and focuses on Chrom, the brother of Ylisse’s ruler. Nintendo has finally gone into detail about their plans for paid DLC for the upcoming SRPG epic. Get excited. If you want. It does cost money.

First off, maps look to be a staple of Fire Emblem‘s downloadable content. Starting on release day, a map will be available for free and serve as an introduction to what you can expect. The maps that follow will arrive with different set prices. The content will also include things like skills, playable characters, maps with new storylines and special maps that let players earn more experience points, gold, etc. SpotPass and StreetPass will also be implemented into the game in terms of bonus features. Such content will include bonus maps, characters, exchanging game data, team edits, and others. That’s quite a lot to look forward to, especially with a handheld title.

If you can’t wait for your Fire Emblem fix, you’re in luck! Starting January 17th, a free downloadable demo will be out on the Nintendo eShop. It looks like the 3DS isn’t so worthless after all.

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