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[News] Escape Goat 2 Has Been Revealed


[News] Escape Goat 2 Has Been Revealed

In an interview with Ian Stocker, IndieStatik has revealed that Escape Goat 2 is a thing and it is coming some time this year. This new iteration of Escape Goat will include new hats and gadgets.  While there is no confirmation right now if Integrated Sharing will make it in to the initial build release, Ian has clarified that a “level editor WILL be provided, but integrated sharing is a ‘maybe'” which is hopeful.

This is the first time Magical Time Bean has used outside artists for their project and so far it looks…different. I am a bigger fan of the pixel art, but this will do just fine and I’m just excited to see what’s new with the Goat and Mouse pair.  Escape Goat 2 will start out as a PC exclusive with console ports still undetermined.

Escape Goat 2 Announced, First Screenshots And Info (IndieStatik)

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