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[News] Disney Infinity looks awesome, is slated for release in June


[News] Disney Infinity looks awesome, is slated for release in June


Just in case you’ve been hearing all the buzz regarding Disney Infinity but still don’t have an idea of what all the fuss is about, I’m here to report that it is a thing. It is a glorious thing featuring Disney and Pixar characters, in which you get to choose your own adventures, explore any of the characters’ worlds (called Play Sets), and buy real toys to further interact with the game a-la Skylanders.

Disney Infinity is going to be a cross-platform experience that Polygon reports will heavily feature Monsters Inc./University, the Pirates of the Caribbean series and The Incredibles, which is pretty much what you can derive from the trailer (above). They also report that though it isn’t confirmed for release, Star Wars and Marvel characters are also being discussed. The rest of the article is a great interview with the developers about how the game transformed from a Toy Story 3 game to what it is now, including notes about their hopes for the game’s future. Mickey Mouse, for example, can be expected to be a playable character sometime in the future.

As you collect the real world toys, you’ll be able to use them to team up with friends online and make your own adventures in a sort of sandbox mode. Destructoid notes that to start with there will be 17 toys released that could be connected to the game. These toys will be sold in play sets and I imagine some will be rare/exclusive. Apart from that, they’ll have “Power Discs” which give the characters abilities, gear, and extras.

I’m personally excited about this game for a few reasons. For one, nobody’s left out – if you have a friend with the game you can play with them online, and if not you can split-screen with a buddy. Two: the collecting part appeals to me since we’ll be getting cool mini figures of all of these characters. Finally: I’m interested in the possibilities of the sandbox mode. If it’s anything like Little Big Planet, which is the big comparison many folks are making, this game will never get old as long as people keep building new playgrounds and Disney keeps releasing new characters and Play Sets. Especially now that we’re in the era of DLC and expansions, this game has monstrous potential.

Avalanche will be releasing Infinity in June for Xbox360, PS3, PC, WiiU (and Wii), 3DS, and mobile. Here’s a look at the full press release from Disney Interactive Studios. Check out the image gallery below for a look at the character designs, some screenshots, and pictures of the toys!


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