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[News] Croixleur Gets a Release Date


[News] Croixleur Gets a Release Date

For those not up to date on doujin titles, Croixleur is a hack and slash from souvenir circ. They started off with a bullet hell shmup based on Touhou and have now moved forward with this their first original title.  The game is pretty reminiscent of Devil May Cry and while the arenas aren’t much to gawk at, the action looks really fast paced and exciting.

You’ll be able to purchase the game January 24th through distributors other than Steam. The game however is currently up on Steam Greenlight for those who would like to help push it through.  It’ll be interesting to see how deep the game can get at the $4.99 asking price.  Below I’ve included the Japanese trailer so you can see some of the game in action.

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