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[News] Connecticut Group Cancels Their “Violent Video Game Return Program”


[News] Connecticut Group Cancels Their “Violent Video Game Return Program”

SouthingtonSOS, a group stationed in Southington, Connecticut had previously organized a drive to collect and incinerate all forms of violent media, specifically video games, in their town. As of recently, however, they have claimed that the program, deemed Violent Video Game Return, is no longer necessary. There was a lot of outcry from the outside public and experts toward their original plan, claiming it would do more harm than good. John Myers, the chairman of the Southington YMCA shared a few words:

Parents are having that conversation, so the mission of inspiring conversations at home has been accomplished.

He then proceeded to mention a “reevaluation of our logistics,” having decided to cancel the return program. That conversation is most likely one of parents talking to their children about the violent video games and its effects. One could doubt that is the sole reason for the program’s cancellation with all the backlash they received, but none of that really matters anyway. Only so much good could have come from a good ol’ town book-burning. Let’s just be glad it’s over for now.

Here are the precursor articles on the Connecticut massacre and the Return Program.
For more information of the cancellation, click here.
You can watch SouthingtonSOS’ press release here.


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