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[News] CoD BlOps II First of Four DLC Revealed


[News] CoD BlOps II First of Four DLC Revealed


Picking the header image was the hardest part. Activision and Treyarch have started this year with a nicely-sized announcement that the first of four “epic DLC events” would be arriving January 29th and is entitled “Revolution.” This is no surprise seeing as how literally everyone and their Miniature Boston Terrier are playing this game. That could not be less of an understatement if tried.

Arriving first on Xbox 360, “Revolution” will include four new multiplayer maps including “Downhill”, a level set in the French Alps, “Hydro”, a level that releases the floodgates on you and your enemies, “Mirage” is a new map that pits you against the other team in sand dunes, and even a level that takes you to Venice Beach. The DLC also includes a new Zombies map set in China, and even a new multiplayer SMG called the “Peacekeeper.”  Ooh, neat!

As usual, expect this new expansion to set you back around 1200 MSP/$15 normal dollars when it drops later this month for Xbox 360 and an unannounced date for PS3.

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